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Inari Vachs Beautiful Fitness Babe | Inari Vachs Captivates

From time to time I’ll add a post featuring a beautiful fitness babe if one strikes my fancy.  Today is one of those days.  I came across this sexy gallery of Inari Vachs a few days ago and thought I’d share with the masses.  She’s pretty thin as far as muscle girls go, but I love her perky nipples and the fact she’s probably more pliable than silly putty…..hehe.  The positions I’d like to try her out in are endless.  Similar to female bodybuilders, fitness babes are known for their sexual appetites.  The fact they work so hard on their bodies allows them the confidence to want their desires fulfilled.  Who are we to question this??  We need more women in this world who think like that wouldn’t you agree?

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